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Audit Report


  • Security Score :  10/10
  • Tags :   NFT, giveaway
  • Address :  0x5e2d73b77a1dc097ADd1bC9d56f4813EeD97b4BF
  • Blockchain :   BNB Smart Chain
  • Website :


This audit report focuses on a smart contract developed by the DeFi Sniperz team, to enable the community to engage in giveaways and claim rewards as USDC based on their ownership of a specific NFT defined in the contract's code.

The objective of the audit is to assess the security, functionality, and overall design of the smart contract to ensure that it aligns with the project's stated goals.

This application allows the deployer team to set the price of each NFT, enabling users to claim an amount of USDC equivalent to the product of the NFT balance and the predetermined price.

Distributions within this smart contract are structured on a per-period basis, which is controlled and managed by the DeFi Sniperz deployer team. Users are allowed to claim rewards only once during each distribution period.

We conducted a thorough analysis of the source code and identified no issue. Furthermore, all unit tests were executed successfully, verifying the contract's robustness and reliability.


  1. The audit focuses on the smart contract as deployed on the BNB Smart Chain.
  2. The audit does not cover any off-chain components or systems associated with the contract.
  3. The audit does not cover any user interfaces or user experience associated with the contract.
  4. The audit does not cover any legal or regulatory compliance of the contract.


[CPUT-1] claim based on NFT balance OK
[CPUT-2] users can only claim once per period OK
[CPUT-3] users need to own > 0 NFT to claim OK
[CPUT-4] adminOnly functions can only be called by admin OK


  1. Admin
    • Can change the administrator account address.
    • Can withdraw USDC from the balance. USDC tokens are used to fund claims for NFT ownership.
    • Can enable or disable claims.
    • Can modify the USDC equivalence per NFT, which is used to compute rewards given to its holders.


The deployer team behind the smart contract is the DeFi Sniperz Collective, an open and decentralized finance community that specializes in identifying financial opportunities within the DeFi ecosystem. By leveraging their expertise and collective knowledge, the DeFi Sniperz team aims to facilitate access to the growing world of decentralized finance.


We recommend the deployer team to make use of events in the smart contract for improved tracking of reward claims. Events make it simpler for web applications to monitor contract occurrences, improving user experience and transparency while facilitating seamless integration with the smart contract.