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Audit Report


  • Security Score :  9/10
  • Tags :  hedge fund
  • Address :  0xf7d952A7ce87eF9C0F6B7B8414259A8C1c4AbF9A
  • Blockchain :   BNB Smart Chain
  • Website :


Sacred Farm is a yield farm project that acts as a hedge fund. The project comes with a whitepaper available at the following link: whitepaper, which outlines the contract's features and functionalities.

The smart contract offers four distinct investment plans, each with a different daily interest rate, which are detailed in the Fundamentals section.

It is important to note that we currently do not possess detailed information on the specific methods the project employs to generate revenue. While this audit outlines the platform's mechanics and investment plans, the exact strategies and techniques utilized for revenue generation by the deployer team is not known by Cryptoprim.

Overall, the audit has identified 1 low-severity issue, which can be read in the Findings section.


  1. The audit focuses on the smart contract deployed on BNB Smart Chain.
  2. The audit does not cover any off-chain components or systems associated with the contract.
  3. The audit does not cover any user interfaces or user experience associated with the contract.
  4. The audit does not cover any legal or regulatory compliance of the contract.


The currency used in the contract is BUSD (0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56).

The contract offers different daily interest rates that ranges from 0.5% to 1.5%, relative to the chosen plan:

  1. 99 days timelock: 0.8% daily ROI
  2. 195 days timelock: 1.0% daily ROI
  3. 390 days timelock: 1.2% daily ROI
  4. 585 days timelock: 1.5% daily ROI

The deployer team charges a 10% fee on deposits, with an additional 50% of the deposit fee directed to a wallet owned by the team, with the purpose of generating external revenue.

Withdrawals also incur a 10% fee to the deployer team.

Investors have the possibility to unstake their initial deposit after the end of the chosen investment plan.

Direct referrals earn a 5% commission on deposits, while the system accommodates up to 10 referral levels upline. Referrals reward limit is 5 times the initial deposit of investors.


[CPFL-1] Rewards are computed as subtracted from previously total rewards withdrawn LOW

CPFL-1: Related to reward calculation, rewards are computed by subtracting previously withdrawn rewards from the total rewards. As this element is intrinsically tied to the project's fundamentals, it is considered a low-severity issue, and is not a security issue.


deposit OK
withdrawal OK
unstake OK
interest rate OK
fees distribution OK

Our thorough unit testing returned satisfactory results, demonstrating that the smart contract implementation aligns with the specifications outlined in the whitepaper.


  1. Team
    • Can pause the contract, halting deposits and withdrawals, but not affecting unstakes.
    • Can modify the maximum rewards received through referrals & interest.
    • Can modify the default referral.